2007 World of Concrete & More


A thing of the past

A look to the future

Setting up at the 2007 World of Concrete in Las Vegas

Part of the Rider Rover Sales Team

The World of Concrete Show getting underway

Thank you to Allen Enginnering for letting us use this trowel for a demonstration

The proper way to lift an Allen Trowel (notice the battery box near the back guide).

Custom paint and colors available

Up Close and Personal with the Rider Rover

A 30 Degree Climb is no problem for the Rider Rover

Another day in the sun at the 2007 World of Concrete

Lots of interest in the Rider Rover at this year's event

Scanning cards to send out information

There was stiff competition in the MIP this year, but...

Rider Rover wins the 2007 World of Concretes award for the Most Innovative Product of the year in the Equipment Category!

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